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Oversized Hoodie featuring the ABODE OUTSIDE logo.  A reminder to live with nature and make the outdoors your refuge.

Designed to be big, baggy and comfy.

Made with lightweight, eco-friendly yarn and paper-based packaging. 

Thumbholes on the sleeves and a zipper pocket for your valuables make it great for mushroom foraging and other activities.


The traditional sizing model is wasteful and outdated.  EcoSizing is a sustainable sizing model we developed at ABODE OUTSIDE to reduce pollution and “deadstock”. Deadstock is old clothing inventory that is no longer expected to sell and will end up as trash. It is a massive problem in the fashion industry.  We address this issue through EcoSizing.  This is a sustainable sizing model we developed where one garment is designed to fit both men and women.  There is so much crossover when it comes to men and women’s fit and style preference that it makes sense to design certain items for everyone to enjoy, rather than slightly alter them for men and women and create an enormous amount of waste in the process.


This item is designed to fit long and baggy.  We recommend buying your typical size.  Male is 6ft 170 lbs and wearing size medium.  Female is 5’7″ and wearing size medium.


Oversized Hoodie

Made with two pockets including a zipper pocket for important belongings.

60% Organic Cotton / 40% Nylon

Machine Wash Cold

EcoSizing / Unisex / Gender Neutral Sizing

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 1 in

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