Return Policy

Due to the nature of COVID-19, and the intended use of this garment, we do not accept returns.  We appreciate your understanding.  If you recieve your order and you are unhappy with it as a face cover, we encourage you to use it in one of the many other applications.  If that is not possible, we encourage you to please donate, or find someone who could use a sustainable, reusable face cover.  If / when we sell items that do not incorporate air filtration, we will certainly offer a more accommodating return policy. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and your support.

Every product is hand inspected for quality assurance before shipping.  If you feel your product was damaged during shipping,  we will exchange your item.  Please initiate the return process by emailing us a picture of the damaged item and a reciept with proof of purchase. We will get back to you shortly.

Take Care,
Abode Outside