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How Sustainable Clothing Affects You

When many people hear the term sustainable clothing, they think of the benefits to the environment. Sustainable clothing can be repurposed or recycled, or new clothing made from sustainable materials and with environmentally friendly methods.

At Adobe Outside, we know that how our clothing provides a positive impact on the world around us also affects our lives and the lives of our customers. In taking a minute to think about how our affordable and sustainable clothing helps us on a personal level, it becomes even more important to understand the value of the choice to buy sustainable clothing online.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

The use of energy in traditional types of clothing production is incredible even to consider. According to studies, the energy used by the fashion industry produces about 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases a year or about 10% of the total carbon emissions around the globe.

In choosing our affordable and sustainable clothing, you are making the conscious choice to reduce your carbon footprint. To keep this in perspective, the energy used to make one cotton t-shirt would power a single lightbulb for up to fifty days.

Fairer Working Conditions

Choosing to buy sustainable clothing online at Adobe Outside also helps to reduce child labor, horrific working conditions, and unsafe workplaces. Our inventory includes only ethically produced garments, which means your reach with each purchase is well beyond the important job of protecting the environment.

To find out more about our affordable and sustainable clothing, browse the website or contact us.

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