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Do You Know What to Look for When Shopping for Eco-Friendly Yarn?

One of the challenges in making eco-friendly sustainable clothing at home is finding materials that are truly environmentally friendly and sustainable. A great example of this is yarn, which is a popular option for those who like to knit or crochet clothing, hats, scarves, or other fall and winter clothing accessories.

Asking the Right Questions

Unfortunately, many craft stores are very vague about what makes eco-friendly yarn. Employees at these stores may or may not know what makes yarn sustainable and eco-friendly. They may simply be going by the marketing materials provided by the manufacturer, which can be very misleading and inaccurate. Yarn shops are often more aware of the actual manufacturing process used for the yarn, and a trusted yarn shop is often the best place to start your search

For those people who want to make their own eco-friendly sustainable clothing, the team at Adobe Outside has developed a list of things to look for to make sure you are buying the product you want.

  • GOTS certified: This is yarn, or fabric, that meets the Global Organic Textile Standards. This includes both the actual harvesting of the material through to the manufacturing, packaging, and supply chain process.
  • 100% natural fibers: This can include both animal and plant fibers, and it may or may not indicate it is a sustainable and eco-friendly option. The manufacturer information can provide more details through a review of their website or by reaching out and asking about the use of chemicals, dyes, or specific types of processes.

Avoid any yarns that include synthetic fibers or manmade fibers. These are produced using petrochemical products and are not considered an option for eco-friendly sustainable clothing.

To make the process easier, choose sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly clothing from Adobe Outside. For answers to any questions about our inventory, contact us online.

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