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Gore-Tex and The Outdoor Industry

Can 2020 Get any worse? Just kidding, we all know it can.

The world was hit with a double whammy of sorrow on the third weekend of September in 2020. First, with the heartbreaking passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. A trailblazing, momentous figure in American History. She deserves attention and recognition beyond what this post can provide.

Then, only a day later, Robert Gore, the patron saint of breathable waterproofing dies after a prolonged illness, the Associated Press reported. He is the inventor of Gore-Tex fabric. If you spend any amount of time outdoors, you've probably heard of Gore-Tex. It's hard to calculate the impact Gore's invention has made on the Outdoor industry. But look at it this way: You will find Gore-Tex in almost every outdoor retailer on the planet. If a trip or expedition involves snow or water, you can bet Gore-Tex will play a crucial role. You will find it in shoes, boots, gloves, jackets, pants, hats and sleeping bags. Gore-Tex has propelled explorers and athletes to the top of Everest, and across the Arctic. For the average person, It's the go-to fabric whether you are snowboarding in the mountains or portaging through The Boundary Waters, or walking your dog in the rain.

It is a material so iconic it even made it into a classic Seinfeld bit:

From Professional athletes to regular joes, Gore-Tex has made it easier and more comfortable to enjoy the outdoors. This one little invention has made the outdoors more accessible and less intimidating to the average person. Humanity can appreciate and get closer to Nature because of Robert Gore's invention. For that, we thank you.

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