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How Does The Clothing Industry Affect Human And Environmental Health

How Does The Clothing Industry Affect Human And Environmental Health

Many of the product purchases consumers make on a daily basis fall under the category of fashion. The sustainable clothing industry, however, asserts that many clothing manufacturing processes and purchases have the potential to harm human and environmental health. At Abode Outside, our commitment is to supply eco-friendly sustainable clothing options that preserve human and environment health and also provide stylish fashion for our customers.


In standard clothing manufacturing and preparation practices, clothing is often sprayed with formaldehyde to prevent wrinkling and mildewing during transport. Lengthy exposure to formaldehyde through overuse of clothing pieces can produce acute allergic reactions, such as nose and eye irritation. Clothing manufactured using synthetic materials are made with toxic chemicals.

Textile employees are at the highest risk of exposure to these hazardous chemicals, and as a result, placed at risk for various health issues. If the toxins from the chemical build up within a person’s system over a period of time, the individual is at higher risk for developing a terminal illness, such as cancer.

Although not many studies have been performed and published that directly connect the chemical in clothing to human health ailments, the chemicals used in the production of clothing or in the garments have been connected to cancer, kidney, liver, and lung disorders, and neurotoxicity. Thousands of chemicals are potential candidates when manufacturing clothing,

Although the chemicals commonly used in clothing have not been proven as of yet to cause the onset of health issues more severe than allergic irritations and reactions, eco-friendly sustainable clothing is still a safer option than standard clothing which uses these chemicals.

Also, areas of the world where the labor for manufacturing clothing is the least expensive tend to be the areas with lower occupational or safety standards that protect workers from hazards.


The textile industry that utilizes the while chain of production also uses obvious pollutants that can negatively affect the environment, such as toxic dyes during manufacturing and pesticides when farming cotton. On the other hand, environmentally friendly clothing companies produce clothing apparel that are free from or greatly minimize the use of substances that can have a detrimental environmental impact on the water supply.

To learn about the various items of sustainable clothing we offer at Abode Outside, shop our clothing store online or reach us through our contact form.

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