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The Difference Between Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

Helping everyone understand the impact of choosing eco-friendly sustainable clothing is our mission at Adobe Outside. We produce a line of quality, wearable, and beautiful clothing that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and designed to provide timeless styles that will always be an ideal addition to your wardrobe.

In addition to offering our customers the best in eco-friendly sustainable clothing, we also strive to provide education and information that helps our customers become more informed about science and the human impact on the world around us. This includes information on climate change and environmental degradation.

Climate Change

Climate change is a shift or a change in the climate that occurs over time. It is not the day-to-day or even year-to-year change but rather the overall temperature, precipitation, wind, and climate activity that changes in path over long periods of time.

While climate change always happens, the rate of change is increasing. For example, the global temperature is just over 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit higher than in the 19th century. This increase in temperature has increased the rate of ocean warming, glaciers and ice sheets melting, and an increase in extreme weather.

Environmental Degradation

Environmental degradation occurs when the environment is degraded or compromised. This can occur naturally, or it can occur due to human activity. For example, the deforestation of large areas of the world is due to human activity, as are exhaust pollutants damaging the air and chemical spills impacting the soil.

Small steps, such as choosing eco-friendly sustainable clothing, can help reduce environmental degradation and reverse the man-made impact of climate change. To find out more about our mission to make that change, browse our website or reach out to us online.

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