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PM2.5 filter

The PM2.5 Filter

Science suggests covering your mouth is an effective way to avoid spreading germs. The more layers of fabric, the better chance at avoiding germs entering your mouth and nose.

The Abode Outside Face Cover is designed with two layers of fabric plus a pocket for the PM2.5 filter for extra protection when needed. The PM2.5 filter is not medical grade, but it is a great way to enhance your level of protection if you are forced into a high-risk situation. If you are not able to find a PM2.5 filter you can also insert another layer of fabric into the pocket. Cut up an old cotton t-shirt or coffee filter and slide it into the pocket.

1. First Layer of Sustainable Cotton and Recycled Polyester Fabric

2. Second Layer of Sustainable Cotton and Recycled Polyester Fabric - Only around the mouth to keep it lightweight and comfortable

3. Insert PM2.5 Filter or Extra Fabric into Pocket for added protection in high-risk situations.

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