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Abode Outside sustainable outdoor clothing

Clothes for a cause

Abode Outside is more than a clothing brand. We are dedicated to using clothes to protect nature and connect people with the outdoors.

At Abode Outside we are a family-led team of outdoor enthusiasts and clothing industry experts from the Great Lakes area. Our collections are inspired by nature and designed to be stylish, yet versatile so you can wear them in the woods or the workplace. Our product design is guided by the principles of achieving the highest-quality with the lowest environmental impact while offering reasonable prices.

High-quality, eco-friendly clothing should not be a luxury, it should for everyone. The more people wear eco-friendly clothes, the better for the outdoors we all love.

Nathan Baller Founder Abode Outside

About the Founder

Inspired by childhood trips into the Boundary Waters Wilderness, a love for outdoor recreation, and a commitment to protecting nature, Abode Outside was developed by Nathan Baller in 2020.

Nathan is an avid outdoorsperson from the Great Lakes region who grew up camping in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota with his dad and brothers.

  • Nathan Graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 2009 with a degree in Political Science.
  • Certified as a Wilderness First Responder in 2012 through the National Outdoor Leadership School.
  • Moved to Colorado in 2012, co-managed a running shoe store and spent many hours camping, hiking, rollerblading, paddling, snowboarding, testing gear and falling in love with the outdoors.
  • Studied sustainable clothing through the London College of Fashion in 2018.
  • After studying environmental pollution and the clothing industry's role in it, Nathan developed the idea for an eco-friendly, outdoor clothing brand in 2020.

The feeling is mutual

People are resonating deeply with our product and message of planet over profits.

  • With the help of a small group of family and friends, Abode Outside launched as a one product, online-only business in 2020.
  • In the 2nd year, the business grew to several products and a handful of retail locations.
  • Now Abode Outside offers full Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter collections, and we are partnered with over 30 retailers around the country.
  • In the next few years we hope to bring our eco-friendly clothes to other regions around the country.

Our Environmental Strategy:

We are obsessively eco-friendly. We strive to use only the best, most environmentally friendly materials and processes throughout our supply chain in order to achieve maximum quality and minimal environmental impact.

Scroll down for some of the highlights:

Benefits of Sustainable Clothing:

A cleaner, more responsible clothing industry can have major benefits for human and environmental health.

Solar Powered HQ

The Abode Outside Headquarters in Minnesota is 100% solar powered.

Less Pollution

Sustainable clothing avoids using toxins and chemicals, and instead we use natural and recycled materials in every design.

Avoid Plastic

We avoid virgin plastic at all costs and instead use biodegradable and recyclable packaging and shipping materials.


Resource Preservation

Sustainable clothing takes a responsible, minimal approach to land and resource consumption. We work with farmers certified and educated in best practices to preserve water and soil health.

Wilderness Protection

We donate 1% of all sales, online and at our retail partners, to wilderness protection through the Save the Boundary Waters organization.

Our Eco-Friendly Yarns

We carefully select our yarn based on outdoor functionality, eco-friendliness and overall quality

Merino Wool

Merino Wool is very fine, soft version of wool. It is a natural fiber and fully biodegradable.


Cotton is a natural yarn and is fully biodegradable. All cotton we use is sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative.

Ecovero Viscose

Ecovero Viscose is a yarn derived from sustainably forested wood pulp. This yarn is fully biodegradable.

Natural Wool

Thicker than Merino Wool, with excellent moisture wicking and temperature regulation qualities. It is a natural fiber and fully biodegradable.

Recycled Polyester

As much as possible, we use recycled polyester yarn, from post-consumer plastic, instead of virgin polyester. Our goal is to eventually replace all virgin, synthetic yarns with natural or recycled yarn.

Eco-friendly Packaging & Shipping Materials

All items at ABODE OUTSIDE are packaged and shipped using eco-friendly shipping materials through EcoEnclose

Learn More

As an outdoor clothing brand we feel a unique responsibility to protect our environment. However, clothing brands of all types should strive to be more environmentally friendly by using a comprehensive strategy that addresses the key issues at every stage of their supply chain.

View our 2022 Environmental Report to learn more about our comprehensive environmental strategy.

As a shopper, we encourage you to support eco-friendly businesses as an important way to improve the health of our planet. Start with daily essentials like clothing, cleaning products, cookware and your most commonly used items. That will make the most impact.

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